For the past two years, Coda Cutlass has slashed through the music community with raw intensity and honed impact. Forged within the heart and souls of a brotherhood of  unique musicians, this sonic weapon is a melding of drive, groove, and melody, intended to be wielded in the fight to
reinvigorate the rock and metal scenes with post apocalyptic proportions.

Performing highly energetic shows throughout the state of Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Orlando, Cape Coral, and Miami,
they have entertained diverse local audiences with their captivating, live presence and relatable sound. Their throttling performance impressed judges at the 2016 Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase enough to win them the opportunity to play at the 2017 Rocklahoma Music Festival, catapulting them onto their first U.S. tour supporting the release of their debut EP, Out Of Oblivion. Enjoying riveting experiences at every stop on tour, they were received with fists raised by excited new fans throughout Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and North and South Carolina.

Driven by the inspiration from their successful 2017 tour, Coda Cutlass has been back at the grindstone crafting up all new music to spread to an even larger audience in the coming year.